Finding rest in our homes doesn’t require removing all of the noise, completing our to-do lists, or having surfaces that aren’t sticky or scattered with Legos. Rest is finding peace in the midst of this. It’s about creating a space where we can take refuge from the world to clear our heads, fill our hearts, and restore our souls.

Home Organization

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Home Renovation

Whether it’s making more space for a growing family, updating outdated systems or styles, or changing a dysfunctional layout, sometimes our homes need an overhaul. Find ideas for how we can prepare for renovations and what these challenging and disruptive projects can teach us about life.

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Home Stewardship

Finding rest in our home isn’t found in our endless quest for more, but in being grateful for what we already have and using it wisely.

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Below are books and podcasts that have been helpful or have come highly recommended for finding rest in our homes.