Finding Rest in the City

Finding Gratitude During Difficult Times

[This was the first of 365 gratitude posts I shared on social media during the COVID-19 pandemic.]

It’s probably fairly safe to say we’re all disappointed about something right now. Whether it’s athletes not getting to finish their seasons, students not going to prom or graduation, people losing business, their jobs, their routines, and more importantly their health or loved ones — there’s a collective, yet wholly individual grief we share.

Having a sweet one week old at home to love on and adore doesn’t make me immune. With our fourth and final baby, it was our hope that for the first time, Mark would be able to able to (mostly) step away from work and soak up this time as a family — and we could do it while watching some basketball. The only part of this plan that has worked out is Mark being home a bit more. And while there are so many things I can be grateful for, it’s easy to let the uncertainty, disappointment, and fear creep in — especially when scrolling through the news during a middle of the night feeding. Admitting these things to ourselves and allowing the space to grieve is healthy. It’s prudent to plan and prepare. But beyond that, all I can do is bring the rest to God, trust Him, and focus on what’s in front of me.

One way I want to work on that last part is by practicing gratitude. Every day of our shelter in place mandate, I’m challenging myself share something I’m grateful for. Because truly, even if COVID doesn’t get to us, an anxious mind certainly can. So when you see my posts of our sweet sleepy newborn or something cute or funny one our kids is up to in the next few weeks, please know I don’t take what’s happening in the world lightly — I just need to keep seeing the light! Even better, I’d love to see everything you’re grateful for too!

So here’s day 1:

Finding Gratitude During Difficult Times
Our St. Patty’s Day Pandemic Baby

Pre-COVID we took for granted that we’d get to have visitors after our youngest was born. And we certainly never questioned if my husband would get to be present at the delivery. The thought of him not being with me for that was terrifying. But some families in New York (and probably elsewhere as the news changes by the minute) are facing that reality right now. I am incredibly grateful that our fourth little one arrived when she did and my husband got to be with me at the hospital during labor and delivery.


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