Finding Rest in the City

Welcome to Finding Rest in the City. Whether you’re new to this site, just starting to explore what it means to live restfully, or are already walking along this journey, I’m honored you’re here.

Finding Rest in the City exists to encourage others on their journey of pursuing the restful life Jesus invites us live.

While a restful life includes relaxation, its foundation isn’t built upon it. Instead, it’s a life grounded in obedience to Jesus and passionately following wherever He leads. This journey often calls us to stand up and run in the opposite direction of the norms of our culture. The rest we’re invited into isn’t a life without problems, but one where we can find peace in the midst of them.

My Plans vs. God's Ideas

Jen Wilder

Jen Wilder lives in the heart of downtown Denver, where she met her husband, and they later married in their urban backyard. As they’ve been painstakingly renovating their historical home, they’ve been simultaneously renovating their life from top to bottom. Their journey has led them to the wilderness, where they’ve walked away from unhealthy mindsets and relationships, public education, and even the local church. This courageous path has led them to greater emotional and relational health, homeschooling their four young children, and passionately following Christ.

Jen and her husband enthusiastically live out the second greatest command through their real estate company Love Your Hood and continually look for ways to serve their neighbors as a family and build a thriving community right outside their front door. Jen’s writing offers hope and encouragement for Christians pursuing a restful life in a world that leads us astray.